Privacy policy

Before start using our service please read carefully this document. In case you have questions please ask us using this Form.

A Policy manages relationships connected with a defense of personal information of «DooH ADS» users, who can be people or companies in any country.

This service is interesting for owners of ad sites, advertisers and agents, who acting in the area of modern digital ad technologies. These actors in fact are the users of «DooH ADS» advertising network.

The aim of this Policy is to defend rights of users during processing their personal data.

By using the «DooH ADS» service You agree with rules of collecting and processing the personal data by our specialists.

The information about «DooH ADS» service users

«DooHADS» collects the information about the person/entity, which decided to use our advertising network and it includes:

- personal information about the user;

- analysis of user's actions performed in our advertisement network.

Personal information about the user is gathered in the moment of registration the user in the Control Panel of «DooH ADS» service. It can include the following: Name (can include the visual image of a person), country of living, lnguage, age, email address, phone number or credit card data. This information is saving into your account.

Analysis of user's actions represented by the systematisation of technical data and results of actions of the user, caused with user's status.

Technical data is the information about electronic devices which are placed on advertisement sites, including models of devices, version of the operating systems, unique identifiers, geo data, along with the information about mobile operator's networks and phone numbers which can be related to the account in «DooH ADS».

When we collent and analse geo data, we use technologies of determining TV sets' and TV consoles' coordinates, using detection of an IP address, GPS data and other detectors in devices, in order to detect nearest advertisement sites, Wi-Fi access points and cell towers.

Analysis of performed actions of the exact user is based on the usage of content of «DooH ADS», IP address, cookie files, search requests or viewed pages.

Results of actions of the exact user are connected to user's status (owner of ad monitors, advertiser, agent) and are based on the data about ad sites (places where ad monitors are installed, potential visitors types, showing advertisements, etc.), information about advertising items (goods, services, ad documents and ad documents' requirements), information about ad sites and pre-selection of possible ad sites and advertisers (for agents).

Change of the Personal Data

The user of «DooH ADS» has a permanent access to user's personal data and can change it (including the change of a password to the Control Panel) or delete it at any time. In some cases, in order to make such actions we may ask the user to confirm his/her personality (identification).

Provide of Personal Data to 3rg parties

Specialists of «DooH ADS» do not provide personal data of the user to third parties, without agreement from the user's side.

Defense of Personal Data

Specialists of «DooH ADS» are took actions in order to protect personal data from unauthorised attempts of access by third parties, change the personal data, distribution of personal data or deletion of personal data. In particular we using SSL encryption and authentication for accessing the Control Panel, we permanently improve the methods of collecting, storing and processing the data, including signing of special contracts with our employees, where described law consequences for employees in case of breaking the rules.

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