Want to place outdoor advertising in a certain place at an attractive price?

Want to make advertising more effective? Want to manage Your online advertising?

Digital outdoor advertising DooH Ads is the app for You!

The essence of our proposal - advertising screens with a diagonal from 20 to 60 inches, located outdoors and indoors. Your ad may reach millions of potential customers who spend time in hair salons, gyms, standing in line at the store, waiting at car washing stations and in car repair facilities, as well as in any place where a person spends a lot of time and unobtrusive ad is not accepting as some «evil», but contrary it may be interesting in these boring places.

Also, a significant segment of our ad - hotels, cafes, and restaurants (the so-called HoReCa) when a person is on vacation, business meetings or travels.

What are the characteristics?
  •  Convenient format of digital banners - text, images, video
  •  The variety of places for showing
  •  Unique tool for creation conditions for advertising campaigns
What's the benefit?
  •  Advertising on the physical screens on the basis of the RTB
  •  You will be able to place ads on best advertising sites
  •  You pay only for passed demonstrations
How comfort it is?
  •  Online management of advertising campaign through a Control Panel
  •  Quality control of Your digital banners
  •  Actual information about the schedule of advertising sites

The uniqueness

Our proposal is based on the RTB (Real Time Bidding) technology, known through search engines when the price of the popular screen and in popular time is determined by an automated auction. In the Control Panel, it is only necessary to specify limits on the maximum cost for a particular screen or group of screens, formed by country, city, particular street or radius of the circle on the map. For less popular destinations or not in a peak time the price will be minimal.

In both cases - with a minimum price or with an automatic auction, the price of our advertising platform in tens times less, than on large outdoor led screens belonging to the advertising agencies. At the same time, digital advertising has a positive impact on Your customers. The impression of vivid images from the monitor screens to which they are so accustomed to in everyday life is imprinted in the customers' memory.

Worldwide coverage

Another advantage of our system is a global coverage. Our monitors are already located in many countries around the World and You have access to all of them, right from the start. From the Control Panel, You can create banners in different languages, customize the place for a demonstration, then determine the range of rates for RTB auction and literally on the same day to begin an advertising campaign around the World!

Thanks to the wide territorial coverage of advertising sites You get access to the best advertising resource and in advance, You control Your advertising from any point on the globe, through a Control Panel. You more do not need to be tied to the phone, the fax or the office in order to coordinate advertising company in different parts of the globe trying to deal with multiple agencies in different languages.

Reporting and Analytics

Besides the fact that DooH Ads offers fair pricing on the basis of RTB auctions and advertising opportunities Worldwide, we provide a descriptive report on the shows, the amounts spent and soon there will be the analytics on the effectiveness of advertising on different screens.

The interface in a Control Panel is arranged almost the same as in other advertising networks in Internet and provides similar ease of grouping and filtering the information. Meantime, we should not forget that we are talking about the physical screens. DooH Ads is the only such a solution on the market, yet!

Payment system

As You will see in Your Control Panel, instead of EUR or USD, all payments are made using cryptocurrency called “Dust”. Dust is our coin, which is developed on the base of the Ethereum platform for the decentralized smart contracts, and it’s equal in value to 0.001 Ether (i.e. 1000 Dust is equal to 1 ETH).

The use of cryptocurrency is caused by the fact that our company is a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous organization) and may not work with conventional (fiat) money directly. Besides, for large advertisers, this simplifies maintenance of the budgets of advertising campaigns in different countries, as there is no need to monitor rates of local currency and to document the exchange of one currency to another.

Why we don't we use ETH, and have introduced own coin Dust? We have developed our own coin, to be able to release additional Dust promo coin, to stimulate the promotion and for the implementation of special offers.

Ether is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies and there are many ways to buy and sell this cryptocurrency. In addition to online exchanges, there appearing bank services for transfer crypto-currencies into local currency with sending it to the bank account or there are debit cards, where the balance is in cryptocurrency, while payments in the retail occur in local currency, at the rate of ETH on the current day, and there are even ATMs where cryptocurrency can be sold or bought with a bank card of any bank.

General principles of pricing of one of the showing:

  • The minimum bet per CPM (1000 shows) - 2 Dust.

  • A minimum step of price increase - 1 Dust.

How to become an advertiser DooH Ads?

  • Sign up on our website using a Google account (i.e. using Your email and get access to Your Control Panel.

  • Upload banners and set the number of shows, maximum price per banner and per campaign, set the date and place of the demonstration.

  • Immediately after registration, there are 100 DUST coins on Your account, as a promotional token. You can begin Your advertising campaign.

  • To continue displaying Your banner ads, buy the necessary amount of Dust, by transfer Ether on Your account, considering the price of 1 Dust equal to 0.001 ETH.

    • You can do this through smart contract in Your Ethereum wallet,

    • You can convert fiat money (dollars, euros, etc) in the WebMoney system and then transfer it to Your account in our system.

    • There are some additional options in development for receiving our cryptocurrency Dust. As soon as we have news about it, we will share it on our WEB-site and in the Control Panel.

If You want Your advertisement to be spread around the World, join DooH Ads!

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