Advertising agencies

Become the part of a digital out of a door advertising network

  • if You care about the reputation of agency
  • if You are ready to offer your clients a new type of media for advertisement
  • if "skim off the top" strategy is your hobby
How to impress your clients?
  • effective outdoor advertisement which is showing in public places
  • digital banner advertisement which is cheaper than the regular banner ads
  • the placement can be selected up to exact room in the building
How to create ads which people will like?
  • create digital banners for your clients, using all your creativity and experience
  • launch demonstration of banners on digital monitors in the whole city
  • control the price of ads and fit your client's budget
What is important when you do select a partner?
  • high percentage of completed ad campaigns
  • complete and clear system of reporting
  • convenient online service for managing ad campaigns

Partner program of DooH Ads guarantees You profitable conditions of cooperation and high quality of ad campaigns!

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