DUST - Ethereum based token

You may see, that in our advertising network as a payment method we use Dust tokens, which are based on Ethereum.

As an International company with ad monitors placed all around the World, we have met a requirement to unify payments. Along with managing local currencies rates it’s necessary to deal with local tax rules and in some countries deal with local payment systems.


Managing all these stuff requires a lot of time and money and local payment systems may have big commissions (especially when dealing with the currency exchange). In advance to connecting scripts of local payment systems we have to maintain these scripts too.

In order to have a profitable business, we should put all these spends to our customers and we aren’t happy to do so. We have started to analyze, how can we reduce all these unnecessary spends and discovered that usage of the cryptocurrency will be the most optimal scenario. Further explorations revealed that creation of own token is the best solution.

Main reasons, why we use a Dust token:

  • Dust token is based on Ethereum, which gives to our clients a high security and quick transactions, compare to other cryptocurrencies.

  • You can buy our token directly using ETH, which has wide usage all around the World and You can buy ETH in many ways - for cash, using bank card or bank transfer and on any cryptocurrency exchange.

  • You can change earned Dust tokens back to ETH and then sell in any of same mentioned ways.

  • We have declared a fixed rate of our token, which is 1 Dust = 0.001 ETH (i.e. 1000 Dust equals to 1 Ether). This fact is allowing advertisers make predictable plans of spends in ad campaigns.

  • In advance, usage of a token gives additional benefits to big advertisers. They don’t need to deal with complex calculations for various local currencies and changing rates of these currencies. Easy process for big advertisers means that they are willing more and more to order advertisement in our network and it means that owners of ad monitors will earn more.

  • There is another benefit of using cryptocurrency - in most countries such payments are not to be counted as a regular payment and thus these aren’t subjects for taxes. Only when a business change cryptocurrency to fiat money it appears as money transaction for tax inspection. This fact allowed us to introduce a Sharing Economy model with a minimal cost. The Idea is that you share advertising time on your monitor(s) and thus you can place advertisement of your business on other monitors and all these operations are done without usage of fiat money.

  • Why we use our own token and not just deal with ETH? With introduction of our own token we can make different promo campaigns and offer bonuses for all our clients. In particular, right now each new user gets 100 Dust when he/she register in a Control Panel and for each new added monitor we give 10 Dust.

Universal pricing rules, valid for any country in the World:

  • Minimum price of CPM (1000 shows) is 1 Dust.

  • Minimum step of increasing a price - 1 Dust.

Typical ways to get Dust:

  • You can buy Dust on our WEB site through a Webmoney system. This service selling a cryptocurrency using fiat money and You even do not need to register a cryptocurrency wallet and spend your time on understanding of how it works.
  • You can buy Dust right in your Ethereum Wallet. In order to do so, You have to add a special Smart Contract to your wallet. This technology is in final testing now and soon we will announce its launch.
  • You earn Dust token when you show advertisement on your ad monitors.
  • You can get Dust as dividends paid from income of our company. For getting dividends you have to become an investor of our company.
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