How does DOOH Ads operate?

How does DOOH Ads – an open network of outdoor digital advertising – operate?

All participants of the advertising network interact through their online Personal Profile in the DOOH Ads portal. These Personal Profile help Advertisers, and Publishers customize and manage their resources.

Advertisers may utilize our user-friendly interface to set the necessary parameters for their ad campaign:

  • type and schedule for the display of digital banners;
  • location;
  • ad campaign budget.

Depending on his budgetary constraints, an advertiser can fine-tune his advertising strategy:

  • If the advertiser has a substantial budget, and is more concerned about the impact rather than the cost of his campaign, he may simply remove all budgetary constraints on our platform. In that case, his commercials will be run on all available ad platforms that are part of our network;
  • If the advertiser has a limited budget and wants the biggest bang for his buck, he can designate his available budget and choose both display location and display time for his ads.

The Publishers, with the necessary equipments required for ad display, register their advertising platforms in our network. All owners are required to supply the following information: the location of HD monitors that conform to DooH Ads specifications, and the daily schedule for ads display on every registered monitor. 

According to the rules of outdoor digital advertising network DooH Ads, the actual list for displaying ads during any particular session on any site is determined through online auction. 

The best offers for ad display on monitors are available for each advertiser and are determined by the bidding price, indicated by advertisers in their Member accounts.

Eng Shows

The system records all information regarding the display of banners, and this data is freely available to all parties of the ad campaign. Advertisers postpay on bills that show the actual number of ad displays.


  • the Advertisers pay a fee based on the auction price of DooH Ads and the actual number of digital banner displays on the monitors;
  • the Publishers receive a percentage of the revenues that accrue from the actual display of ads on the participating monitors. Popular locations with a large number of daily visitors will lead to active bidding from DooH Ads customers and will result in higher revenues for owners and greater exposure for advertisers;

Structure DooH Ads

DooH Ads is not only an effective instrument for managing ad campaigns, but is a promising means for capitalizing on available ad space through outdoor digital advertising!

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