DOOH Ads network offers Monitor Sharing business model

Owners of Ads Monitors who use of DOOH Ads app are taking part in Sharing Economy and get all the benefits of it.

DOOH as a method to attract tourists to Morocco

Moroccan tourist authorities have recently decided to use power of DOOH advertising in order to get bigger flow of tourists from British Isles. So their had literally came to roadsides of inner British highways.

Optimal financial balance of DOOH within OOH ad campaign budget

Advertising is known to be one of the most powerful engines of successful trade. As any engine it needs some source or fuel to be consumed. We can name it as money or “budget”. Recent serious study shows the most effective structure of ad campaign financial balance if to speak about OOH and DOOH ad activity.

Survival billboard from Xbox

Recently Xbox has used an interesting combination of real human and technological activity instead of just an ordinary outdoor advertising placement. Rise of the Tomb Rider!

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