DOOH Ads network offers Monitor Sharing business model

DOOH Ads network offers Monitor Sharing business model

As You know, DOOH Ads involves many advertising monitors, which are mainly installed and managing by SMB (Small and Medium Business).  

Another point is that we have developed a single Control Panel, for both - managing own ad monitors and managing your ad campaigns on monitors of other participants.

In fact, we have developed some kind of Monitor Sharing business model, which is more less similar to Car Sharing.

Of course, You don’t have to give away your monitor physically to someone else, but You share the time on your monitor, while others share time with You on their monitors. It’s kind of Ad Monitor as a Service.

Another common thing with Car Sharing is the business model. In fact, with DOOH Ads market is changed in the following ways:
* There are lot of small monitors (30-70 inches) owned by SMB, not limited number of big monitors owned by advertising agencies;
* There is an automatic administrative service, which takes a small clear percent from each transaction, and not the old scenario with limited number of big agencies and unpredictable rules for 100$%-200% commissions;
* In result - SMB can allow an outdoor ad, total capitalization of the market is growing up, big old companies are losing their income, while profit distribution becomes more honest.

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