DOOH as a method to attract tourists to Morocco

DOOH as a method to attract tourists to Morocco

Morocco is one of the most popular countries for those tourists who like to visit Africa. At the same time this little North-Western African Islamic country doesn't seems to be really something if to speak about European attractions, Egyptian, Thais or wherever. With this background Moroccan National Tourist Office has recently organized the very first DOOH ad campaign. 

The idea of this DOOH ad campaign was to rise strong interest of possible British tourists to visit Morocco at the most “useful” period of year. The best climate conditions and the highest prices at hotels, you know.

Creative and actual part of the job was made by British advertising company of Primesight which is now a part of big Scottish company STV Group plc. 

Creators prepared so called MuchMorocco DOOH ad project. Primesight operates a solid network of roadside digital screens across UK and also they spread content to cinema foyers. Finally a lot of people who drive cars and visit local cinemas within big areas of main British airports become unable to ignore information about Moroccan attractions. 

Nothing too extremal but if one is a mobile person with money and he or she constantly meets numerous ads about Morocco it seems to lead to an interesting decision, doesn't it? Tourists will be especially welcomed after New Year celebrations. 


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