Optimal financial balance of DOOH within OOH ad campaign budget

Optimal financial balance of DOOH within OOH ad campaign budget

Recently analysts from Omnicom have paid a great level of their attention to actual influence of DOOH advertising as a part of OOH ad activity and also as digital part versus traditional OOH ad campaign. 

There is no problem with traditional forms of OOH ad projects. History has proven their efficiency. 

However DOOH provides some additional channel of communication with target audience. More to say it may allow much better and precise targeting due to power of technology. So, DOOH advertising activity does really give useful ROI outcome. 

Analysts had studied hundreds of OOH ad campaigns of various brands during the last several years. Retail, financial, charity and nongovernmental, technological... - in any type of OOH ad campaign DOOH adverting activity did always make a sense. 

So, DOOH is something that cannot be ignored. Yet digital technology is always just a part of our like but not everything. So, Omnicom analysts (in fact they work for BrandScience company within Omnicom) are agreed to believe that DOOH ad activity should consume about 45% of entire OOH ad campaign budget. In this variaut financial resources should give the best output resulting in actions of target audience. No more and no less and it's just a game of mind but a direct recommendation for one who plans to invest and prosper. 


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