Survival billboard from Xbox

Survival billboard from Xbox

Recently Xbox has used an interesting combination of real human and technological activity instead
of just an ordinary outdoor advertising placement. Rise of the Tomb Rider!

Rise of the Tomb Rider is a new issue of legendary video game universe of Lara Croft's adventures.
If one wishes to play this game he or she has to use Xbox device. That's why this recent outdoor ad
project was organized by the request of Microsoft Xbox.
So, creators from McCann London ad agency had chosen South London for their work. At first they
built a special billboard. It was quite a big construction and it wasn't just about some letters or
pictures to show.
Eighth volunteers were gathered to become a real part of the actual content of this billboard! Guys
formed a line directly within a billboard space. Tomb Rides is a quest game where its man character
Lara Croft has to fight with various ancient traps like water streams, stones, wind blows etc.
So these volunteers had also got a task to hold their position as long as possible being under
constant attacks of various “elements” like snow and wind pressure.
Finally it wasn't just an outdoor advertising action but something like a survival test and even
famous survival expert Bear Grylls could get interesting emotions there!


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