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Want to earn extra income in Your facility?

Connect Your monitor or TV to our service and earn money!

We have combined all the advantages of digital outdoor advertising, but the initial investment is minimal and the entire process is automated!

You do not need special expensive panels, but You can use any cheap Android TV set or even a regular HD TV or monitor with HDMI port for which You can buy cheap Android TV console. Managing a monitor does not require any skills and may be assigned to any employee – in the morning employee needs to enable Android TV set (or regular HD TV and a TV console) and run our application, then in the evening employee just turn off the TV set (and a TV console, if used).

Demonstration of an advertisement is a simple way to increase Your income!

How to become part of DooH Ads?

  • Install our app on Your Android TV directly or using the Android TV console and regular HD TV set (monitor with HDMI port).
  • Sign up on our website by using Google account and get access to the Control Panel.

In the Android TV set (or in the console) You should have an account with the same address that is used for registration in the Control Panel.

Note: If You have a large facility, with different areas or several areas in which You are working, then You can add multiple monitors to Your account. It is important that at every monitor (TV) or TV console was used a Google account with the same email address.

Why it’s profitable to work with DooH Ads?

  • Large advertisers may be interested only in the large outdoor led screens with a diagonal of several meters, however, small and medium business ready to advertise on small screens and You can make money on it.
  • However, time to time You may get advertising from big advertisers because we have developed an easy interface for them - the process of placing in a particular city or a particular area of the city or on a particular street are automated. Another important point is that advertising on small screens will be cheaper than on large outdoor screens, owned by advertising agencies.
  • For advertisers, implemented a system of automated auctions and thus, on Your monitor most often shown an advert for which was paid more.
    • We offer a convenient service for the management of Your advertising monitors using Your Control Panel.
    • No need to upload files manually and every week visit all the places with You monitors and climb to monitors mounted somewhere near the ceiling. All the content is downloaded online and is updated automatically every 10 minutes. In case, if the content is repeated, it is cached in our App and thus it greatly saves the Internet traffic.
  • Management of all settings of all TV sets is also carried out in the Control Panel. For example, if You moved to another place, no need to configure anything on the TV. You just mount a TV, and then in the Control Panel You can change address and set new operating time.
  • In our system, there is an opportunity to show Your own ad banners on Your monitors for free. You decide when to show someone else's ads and earn money, or run a demonstration of Your advertising. No need to switch between different Apps or manually start some external presentation. You just make a note in Your Control Panel, that selected ads are dedicated for displaying on Your own monitors, thus employees, without special skills shouldn’t do anything with a TV during the day, but just turn on a monitor at the morning and never touch it during the day.
  • Moreover, by registering in the system as the owner of monitors, You automatically get access to the advertiser partition and can advertise Your company on the other screens of the city or some district. Thus, if You want, You can even spend all the money on advertising in DOOH Ads and to consider the work of Your screens as the way to free advertising and thus increase the profit of Your general business.
  • We provide support on all issues of software maintenance, as well as give free advice on the installation and location of the monitors.

Why will advertisers select You?

  • On our website will be presented the information about Your screen (or screens) for free and thus interested advertisers will find You. Major information is the type of Your business and the address where located monitor(s). Thus, the advertiser will understand how close You are to their point of sale and how relevant Your business to their services and products.
    • Often, advertisers will be interested in a certain area on the map, and all screens in this area will show their advertisement. In this case, it’s even not important the type of Your business.
    • Can be the reverse situation, for example, when a manufacturer of hairspray want to advertise to all barber shops in the city.
  • Small business, after estimation of the price of advertising on big digital outdoor screens, will start looking for other advertising options and in particular, they can order advertisement on Your screen(s). In the past small businesses even do not have the opportunity to order this type of advertising.
  • You are able to manage working time and the status of all Your monitors through a Control Panel, thus You can maintain the information about You monitors up to date. For example, some store wants to advertise their special offers only on working days from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. If You have previously worked until 6 p.m., and now the schedule has changed, that You work till 8 p.m., then You will make an updates in Your Control Panel and this ad will be available for Your TV.
  • The more popular Your business, the more customers will want to show ads on Your monitor(s). Along with the filling Your monitor(s) with a variety of advertising, it will also raise the price for one show and in the end, the profits can grow several times.

Payment system

From each show of the banner we retain a fixed percentage of its price. It is our Commission from which we pay salaries and develop the product. It is not very much in comparison with the old system, when advertising on the big screens was going through aggregators, advertising agencies, and private agents, and the Commission was in total 100 percent or more!
Note: You will not need to manually calculate and configure. The Commission is charged automatically in the dashboard You can see the earnings are already net of our Commission.
As You will see in Your Control Panel, instead of EUR or USD, all payments are made using cryptocurrency called “Dust”. Dust is our coin, which is developed on the base of the Ethereum platform for the decentralized smart contracts, and it’s equal in value to 0.001 Ether (i.e. 1000 Dust is equal to 1 ETH).

The use of cryptocurrency is caused by the fact that our company is a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous organization) and may not work with conventional (fiat) money directly. Besides, for large advertisers, this simplifies maintenance of the budgets of advertising campaigns in different countries, as there is no need to monitor rates of local currency and to document the exchange of one currency to another.

Why we don't we use ETH, and have introduced own coin Dust? We have developed our own coin, to be able to release additional Dust promo coin, to stimulate the promotion and for the implementation of special offers. Meantime, the management of the own currency requires some administrative costs, thus some of these costs, we have moved to the process of the exchange of Dust to ETH and during this process, we take 5% for each exchange transaction. This is automated and made as the user-friendly interface in Your Ethereum wallet. In fact, if You will spend some time for understand the Ethereum platform, then You will be able to exchange Dust directly, without our help, with any interested buyer at any agreed price.

Anyway, Ether is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies and there are many ways to buy and sell this cryptocurrency. In addition to online exchanges, there appearing bank services for transfer crypto-currencies into local currency with sending it to the bank account or there are debit cards, where the balance is in cryptocurrency, while payments in the retail occur in local currency, at the rate of ETH on the current day, and there are even ATMs where cryptocurrency can be sold or bought with a bank card of any bank.

If You are willing to buy equipment to create ad monitors then on the Devices page, You will find a detailed description of the requirements for the hardware.

If You already have HD, Full HD or UHD monitors, the register now or write to us via Telegram messenger.

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