How to fill in your Personal Profile

After the registration in the Control Panel, you should fill in the data in your Profile.

  • ID is a unique user number in our system. It's appointed automatically;
  • First name and Second name will also be filled in automatically, according to the information from your Google account. If you do not see these values or they aren't correct, please enter your First name and Second name manually;
  • Select your address by setting the mark on the Map. This is not a place where you have mounted your monitor(s), but the address of your residence;
  • Check the correctness of the field The mark on the map is here and the fields below, where your address is divided per administrative areas. In case the address is not correct, move the marker on the map to the correct place. Use the "+" and "-" buttons on the map to specify the address more accurately;
  • Below on the page you can see the E-mail fielddisplaying the e-mail you have used to sign in to the Control Panel;
  • In the Phone field, please enter your phone number, which we can use for contacting you;
  • The DUST field shows your current balance, in the DUST tokens;
  • In the Language field you can select the language of the interface in your Control Panel. The names of menu items and fields will remain in English, but instructions will be displayed using selected language;
  • In the Webmoney field, please enter the number of your Webmoney wallet, in order to be able to exchange DUST tokens to ETH;
  • In order to save changes, please press the Save button.

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