Do not see my ads monitor in the Control Panel

You are in the Control Panel, went to the partition Displays - My but do not see the monitor on which You have launched DOOH Ads app. There can be several reasons, why it can happens.

  • If You see your monitor in the common List (or on the map, if it's more convenient to use for You), but do not see it in your own partition Displays - My, then it means that You hve used different Google accounts ( on monitor, when launched our app first time, and when signing in to Control Panel. This problem can be solved in this way:
    • Please sign in to the Control Panel using the same email, which You have used for DOOH Ads app, when launched it first time,

  • If You do not see your monitor in the common List (or on the map), it means that here can be one of these causes:
    • Your Android TV or Аndroid TV Box, which is connected to a monitor, are working on the old Android version. We recommend to use Android 5.0 version, at least;
    • If your Android TV or Аndroid TV Box are working on Android 5.0 or more recent version, then it possible that some error happened in process of installation or first launch of the DOOH Ads app. On your device go to Settings, here go to Applications and select the DOOH Ads app, where You should delete the data of the app. Then launch the DOOH Ads app and check that You see this monitor in the Control Panel. If You still do not see, then remove the app from device and install it again from Google Play Store.

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