How to tune a monitor in the Control Panel

After installing DOOH Ads app on the monitor, You have to tune monitor's properties in the Control Panel.
  • Check that in the partition Displays - My You see new device;
  • Press the edit button , which is placed on the right from the monitor number;
  • Select the Place where this monitor is located;
  • Select the Language for ad banners, which should be displaying on this monitor;
  • Add a brief description in the field Display description), in order to provide more information for advertisers about this monitor. Until this field is filled in with actual desciption, You will be receiving less income from ads displaying on this monitor;
  • Check automatically detected Diagonal of the device and change it if here recorded a wrong value. Value is given in inches. This value You can find in the user manual for monitor or sometimes You can et it even from the model name;
  • Check automatically detected Resolution (X and Y) of the device and change it if here recorded a wrong values. For example, if your monitor is FullHD, then it means that here should be values 1920 and 1080, correspondingly;
  • Set the actual Layout. Here You can choose layout of windows and display orientation - horizontal or vertical;
  • In the field Add display editor (email) enter the email of a person who is supposed to be an editor for this display. It can be a email of some responsible employee, who manages the site where this display is located, when you have several sites for your business. If you have only one site with 1-2 displays and You are the only responsible person, then leave this field blank;
  • In the section Schedule You should set the working time of your business in the selected site and thus this monitor will be turned on. For each day of the week with a one hour step you can set checkbox if in that time the monitor is on and remove checkbox if monitor is off. Also, if mark hours as inactive, then in these hours will be showing your own banners, not a paid advertisement. By default all checkboxes are set on;
  • Press Save button.

On the page Displays - My displaying the table with your monitors and for each monitor in the right column with the label Demo Mode you can select own Banner Group, which will be displaying on the monitor in the days and hours for which were removed checkboxes in the partition Schedule of this monitor. The same banners will be displaying on this monitor if for some period of time the will not be advertisers, who willing to place paid ads on this monitor.
If You did not select your own Banner Group, then in all described above cases instead of your own banners on the monitor will be demonstrating ad banners about DOOH Ads.

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