How to create ad campaign

Campaign is the set of Banner Groups dedicated to one topic and this set represents some logic object which has parameters like budget, description of a good or service, selection of places for advertisement, age limitations and others. Even if you plan to show only one banner, You have to create ad campaign anyway, because banner contains only the content itself, while all mentioned parameters can be configured only for a campaign.
On the page Campaigns You may see the list of your previouly created capmaigns, if any. In order to create a campaign press Add button on top of the page.
Then You have to fill in following fields:
  • Campaign type - here must be selected the type of banners, which will be used in this campaign. Banners can be graphical (images and video) or textual;
  • Campaign name - Give the name for this campaign. It's visible only to You;
  • Campaign budget - here You have to enter number of Dust tokens, which You are ready to spend for this campaign;
  • Day budget - maximum number of Dust tokens which You want to spend in one day for all banners in this campaign;
  • Language - select the language which was used for ad banners for this campaign.

Then there are two variants of publishing advertisement - Automatic mode and Manual mode.

Automatic mode:
  • Set the marker on the map near with the place where You want to show ads. Alternatively You can enter coordinates in two fields under the map, if You know these;
  • In the field The mark on the map is here displaying the selected address;
  • Then in a grey block You can select Radius (km) in kilometers or select Administrative area (Geography), such as Country, Locality, and others. Value of each parameter, which is possible to select, You can see in the fields under the grey block;
  • Block display group - drop-down list with Display Groups, which were created. Here You can select which groups should be excluded for this ad campaign;
  • Place type - here You have to select from drop-down list all types of businesses, for which dedicated this ad campaign. Here presented businesses like shops, schools, train stations and many other variants. Selection can be performed by selecting necessary checkboxes;
  • Ads have age-restricted content for - here must be selected age restrictions, depending on the content used in this campaign;
  • Please tick this box if your advertisement contains - in this partition please set checkboxes in front of each type of advertisement used in this campaign. Here supposing to take into account the topic of an advertisement itself, not just the content of banners;
  • Schedule - here must be selected time when You want show banners of this campaign. For each day of the week with a one hour step you can set checkbox if in that time ads should be demonstrating and remove checkbox if it's shouldn't be. By default all checkboxes are set on;

Manual mode: Instead of selecting the place on the map, here presented a drop-down list, with a topic Display group. Here should be selected the group of displays which will be showing banners from this ad campaign. Then there are placed same fields Ads have age-restricted content for, Please tick this box if your advertisement contains and Schedule.

Finally, do not forget to save entered parameters. Here offered two variants for this:
  • Save - save changes and return to the page with the list of ad campaigns;
  • Save and Create banners group - save and automatically be redirected to the page, where You can create Banner Group. Group is necessary for managing banners and it gives more convenient rules of work with banners, rather than managing each banner directly in the campaign. More details are here - How to create group of banners.

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