How to create group of banners

When Campaign is created, You can start to add Banner Groups to this campaign.
  • Press the button Add for creating a group;
  • In the field Banner group name, enter the name which clearly describes the group. This name is visible only to You;
  • Set the maximum price for 1000 showings Maximum CPM) in DUST tokens. Higher price means that You increase the probability to win all auctions You need and thus have more showings. Lower price means that you spend less in total, however not all desirable displays may showing your ads in a desirable time. It's up to You how to tune this parameter. Minimum price is 1 DUST. This value can be different for each group of banners inside one campaign. Each group of banners participate independently in the auction for each display;
  • Select a Campaign in which You are going to add the group of banners;
  • Press Save button for saving parameters and return to the list of your Banner Groups or press a button Save and Add banners in order to save parameters and go to the page where you can create banners for the group.

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