What is the open beta testing

Beta version is the officially released version of the product, which implemented most of the functionality and is designed for external testing, determining problematic configurations, collecting requirements and wishes.

Before the official release of the beta version, it always goes through a full cycle of internal testing, which in most cases allows us to talk about a sufficient level of stability of the application.

Please note that the beta version is not the final version of the product, so the developer does not guarantee the complete absence of errors.

In the process of beta testing you will be able to:
  • among the first to get acquainted with the latest developments of DOOH ADS and share your opinion with us;
  • help improve the quality of the product being tested;
  • provide your suggestions on possible ways of improving the product;
  • to interact directly with developers;
  • receive an additional bonus of the product, which are awarded to the most active beta testers.

During beta testing, the tester needs to:
  • download and install the latest version of the product;
  • spend some time for getting acquainted with the product and test it;
  • prepare and send out bug reports on any errors;
  • send any suggestions for improvement of the tested product;
  • provide information about product compatibility with your configuration.

How to report a problem:
  • in order to inform us about the error found, please describe in detail its phenomenon, the steps that lead to the appearance of this error, as well as the characteristics of the test equipment and send to the email listed on the page with a description of this beta version;
  • in addition, you can report identified problems or get an answer to a question on our page in the social network (do not forget to subscribe);
  • in the similar way you may provide a suggestion about improving the product.

If you have any associated with the beta-testing of the questions, please write to the address i@dooh.xyz

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